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John Pounds Community Trust

The Treadgolds Project

Welcome to the restoration and re-imagination of the historic 'Treadgolds' buildings, Bishop Street Portsmouth.

The John Pounds Community Trust has embarked on an exciting project to breathe new life and purpose into this much loved building set in the heart of Portsea, for local residents and visitors alike, with a 'Wellbeing & Making' agenda.

The 'Treadgolds Courtyard Garden' is already fully up and running, and the Trust is currently looking to establish a very special meeting and wellbeing space in the adjoining Victorian Warehouse part of the buildings.



Get involved

Please get in touch to see how you could get involved in this exciting project.


What others are saying...

So good to see the garden up and running - its a breath of fresh air... looking forward to what happens next with the rest of Treadgolds.
— Portsea Resident
As an apprentice Joiner with A.E.Hadley in 1953, I can remember having to go to Treadgolds each week to pick up screws and bolts on my bike. It would be great to see the place again.
— Colin Judge


The Vision

reimagining treadgolds

As an extension of the John Pounds Centre, the Treadgolds Project will create new spaces in this historic building where people can find even more ways to become 'happier and healthier' through creativity and wellbeing.   

the challenge

The John Pounds Community Trust is committed to trying to bring this much loved historic building back into use for residents of Portsea and beyond - but its going to take time and over £2M to make this a reality...

now Take a look around the building